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United States House of Representatives
Texas District #24 (map)

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Lessons from Corporate America
1999 to presentProject Manager,
Information Technology
2003PMP Certification
up to 1999Computer Programmer,
Electronic Data Systems (EDS)
collegeBS Accounting,
Southern Illinois Univeristy

Radical uproot the current, dysfunctional federal Union
Conservative keep the The Constitution of the United States front and center
stop the explosive growth of government
stop our descent into Socialism
Liberal people must live their lives as they see fit
being a “good neighbor” - the greatest social pressure
only people directly involved should resolve the issue/conflict

Give me Liberty!
... or more dysfunctional, partisan politics

Politics Better than Usual

I will not conform to the dirt of today’s politics. I pledge to you to:
  • Keep The Constitution of the United States front-and-center
  • Look for outcomes that reduce the size, scope, and reach of the federal Union
  • Focus on ideas
  • Speak about governance, not resort to politics
  • Believe in my fellow citizens (vs. imposing additional legislation)
  • Look to repeal ineffective legislation (vs. proposing additional legislation)
  • Highlight the differences with the other candidates
    • New - Flyer handed out at Dallas Co DART Rail stations
  • Not use the tactics in Rules for Radicals, a truly evil book!
  • Not mudsling or resort to personal attacks

My Faith

My faith informs my private and public action; it is part of my core being. I have a Christian world view.

There is a separation of Church and State. My Christian denomination, the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, is NOT advocating a theocracy - (lcms.org).

Political Influences:

The Federalist Papers

These newspaper articles in colonial New York were to persuade citizens to vote for the recently adopted The Constitution of the United States. These 85 letters present the philosophy of the Constitution and reasons behind the proposed structure for the new Union. These patriotic letters declared:

A class to study 33 of The Federalst Papers is available,
please contact me via talkwithmike2014@yahoo.com

The first lesson handout

Thomas Jefferson

  • The Declaration of Independence – expressed the Natural Rights of men – Life, Liberty, Property
  • The Constitution of the United States – neighbor of and mentor to James Madison, the author of the Constitution
  • “Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations, entanglements with none” – inaugural address
  • Quotes

The Law by Frederic Bastiat (1850)

Mr. Bastiat, a member of the French legislature, saw the shortcomings of newly arrived Socialism and provided the public with:
  • “What is Unseen” – economic decisions have rippled effects long after the initial effect. Often these unforeseen, downstream effects cause more disruption than the original “problem”
  • Legal Plunder – an example of what-is-unseen, where legislation is used to take from one group of citizens to give to another group of citizens. Without the "legitimacy" of legislation this redistribution could not take place. Governments can gain power and influence via "The Law".
  • An national economic philosophy should be set before politics are introduced into governance; consider the Austrian School of economics.

Other Informative Resources

Newsletter of Dallas County Libertarians

I've been forturnate to have articles published in recent Dallas County Libertarian Newsletters. Please, check out the following issues:

Now What?

It is time to put your values and convictions into action. There are many political and social movements afoot; adopt one. I have become engaged with some of the precepts of the following ideas:

My thoughts on these movements are compared and contrasted on my Take It! page.

Life, Liberty, Property!

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