Mike Kolls (L) for Congress 2016

United States House of Representatives
Texas District #24 (map)

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I will zealously defend individual Life, Liberty, and Property;
a responsibility long abdicated by our federal gov’t.

We must halt and then reverse the explosive growth of Progressive, big gov’t.
Its unrelenting growth continually steals individual Liberty.

Our playbook is The Constitution of the United States, chiefly The Bill of Rights.
We The People must stand up and reclaim our inherent authority.

The federal gov’t was instituted by We The People and the sovereign states
to zealously defend our Life, Liberty, and Property.
All gov’t should work for us - The People, not the other way around.

This page presents the current situation and offers guidelines and solutions.

An Executive Summary is also available.

The Federal Government

The federal government is too big and tries to do too much...

  1. Recklessly spends in excess of its tax receipts
  2. Acts like the world’s bully
  3. Impulsively acts on transient passions
  4. Usurps authority from We The People and the Sovereign States
    • Immigration is primarily a State's right/responsibility

The plans of the 114th Congress and my comments


  1. ”Always have a bias towards Freedom” - Judge Andrew Napolitano
  2. Follow The Constitution of the United States, specifically:
    • The Bill of Rights - Amendment IX, the cornerstone
    • Article I Section 8
    • Understand/follow the Federalist Papers
  3. Government is a burden, NOT a benefactor
  4. Combat and eliminate all Legal Plunder (ill-conceived legislation)
    • All legislation must apply to all United States residents, above all our appointed officials
  5. Conduct politics better than usual
    • Show respect and kindness to trustworthy people

Mike Kolls

Our Way Forward

  1. Restore the federal government as the staunch defender of individual Life, Liberty, and Property
  2. Reinstate the authority of the Sovereign States
  3. Achieve a balanced budget by reduced spending
  4. Create and execute a plan to pay the enormous federal debt within 25 years
  5. Remove all foreign-deployed military troops and other foreign-deployed military assets
  6. Eliminate all foreign aid in 3 years

Reduce the Size, Scope, and Reach of Government

The Libertarian Party demands more Freedom and limited government. It is a truly American vision:
  • Financially conservative
  • Socially liberal
  • Democrats and Republicans both favor larger government to enforce their ideology
  • Libertarians favor smaller, limited government that enables personal choices to live Free
  • Insight on positions taken by Libertarian candidates

Life, Liberty, Property!

Web author - Mike Kolls