Mike Kolls (L) for Congress 2016

United States House of Representatives
Texas District #24 (map)

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The Federal Government

Our federal government should:
  1. NOT spend in excess of its tax receipts
  2. Stop acting like the world’s bully
  3. Resist transient passions
  4. Stop usurping authority from We The People


I will follow these principles:
  1. ”Always have a bias towards Freedom” - Judge Andrew Napolitano
  2. Government - a burden, NOT a benefactor
  3. The Constitution of the United States, specifically:
    • The Bill of Rights - Amendment IX, the cornerstone
    • Article I Section 8
    • Understand the Federalist Papers
  4. Combat and eliminate all Legal Plunder
  5. Ensure that all legislation applies equally to all United States citizens, especially our appointed representatives
  6. Politics better than usual
  7. Show respect and kindness to trustworthy people

Mike Kolls


New thinking to advance all citizens:
  1. Restore the federal government as the staunch defender of individual Life, Liberty, and Property
  2. Reinstate the authority of the Sovereign States
  3. Achieve a balanced budget by reduced spending
  4. Create and execute a plan to pay the enormous federal debt within 30 years
  5. Remove all foreign-deployed military troops and other foreign-deployed military assets
  6. Eliminate all foreign aid in 3 years


My thoughts on the plans of the 114th Congress

Life, Liberty, Property!

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