Mike Kolls (L) for Congress

United States House of Representatives
Texas District #24 (map)

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Federal Debt
Our Constitution
Foreign Affairs
Take It Back!


Mike Kolls

The federal government is broken.
It is too big, it tries to do too much, and what it does it does poorly!

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"A perceived problem does not require action,
especially government “action”.
Sometimes the best response is no response."
Ed Kless
“My whole take on Libertarianism is simply
I do not know what’s best for other people”
Penn Jillette

Web Appearances

Meet Mike on-line - voters guides, surveys, and Internet articles.

Candidate Forum

Denton County LULAC and NAACP sponsored a candidate forum 10/13.
Responses from both challengers and email follow-up

Town Hall

A District 24 Town Hall meeting was held 8/12.
The incumbent's responses and my thoughts

Our Road Map

Tame out-of-control federal spending.
Reinvent Foreign Affairs.
Demand constitutional legislation.
Know the The Constitution of the United States
Reclaim Our Constitution
For clarity, reference The Federalist Papers

Life, Liberty, Property!

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