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Town Hall

The District 24 incumbent sponsored a town hall meeting in Coppell.
His responses are compared to my positions.

America: Our Challenges

The federal government is broken.
It is too big, it tries to do too much, and what it does, it does poorly!

Our Constitution ... abandoned Massive Federal Debt Shoot First Foreign Policy
Our one-of-a-kind republican freedom has been abandoned.
The Constitution of the United States has been discarded
by unwise men. We are heading towards European Socialism.
Each resident owes $55,195 (2010
Census) because we have allowed the
elected officials to spend unrestrained.
Most encounters with fellow sovereign nations
are adversarial. We should instead seek
trading partners.
Reclaim Our Constitution Sound Finances Reinvent Foreign Policy

Ill-Conceived Legislation Abrogated Our Sovereignty
Legislating by protected groups
divides people and implants a
need to receive the next "benefit".
We The People have not defended The
Constitution of the United States
. We have become
enslaved to the federal government.
Laws For All Americans Take It Back!

A Way Forward!

"A perceived problem does not require action, especially government “action”.
Sometimes the best response is no response." Ed Kless

It's Not Working Are You a

LP Platform

We cannot place our hope on
dysfunctional, partisan, two-party
A Choice
The Party of Principle

“My whole take on Libertarianism is simply I do not know what’s best for other people”
Penn Jillette

Let's Go ...

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Town Hall - Aug-21

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News Mike Constitution Debt Foreign Affairs Legislation YOU Quiz Platform LP-Texas

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